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Ambitious and historic measures to enhance the vitality of Francophone minority communities in Canada

January 16, 2024, Caraquet, New Brunswick—Francophone immigration plays a crucial role in Canada’s economic growth and promotes the vitality of Francophone minority communities and meet labour needs across the country.

Today, the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced in Caraquet, New Brunswick, a series of initiatives to support Francophone immigration outside Quebec. These measures include a new Francophone immigration policy, the renewal and expansion of the Welcoming Francophone Communities initiative, a new program to support Francophone immigration, and the implementation of the Action Plan for Official Languages—and they will all strengthen the presence of French in Canada.

Francophone immigration policy

The new policy promotes the vitality and economic development of Francophone minority communities. It paves the way for tangible, ambitious and innovative actions in the short, medium and long term that will enable progress towards restoring and increasing the demographic weight of these communities. It is also based on a series of measures such as promotion and recruitment support efforts, both in Canada and abroad, particularly for specific lines of business, in order to address labour shortages. The policy will also oversee the development of a new program and new measures dedicated to Francophone economic immigration.

Welcoming Francophone Communities initiative

Through the renewal of the Welcoming Francophone Communities initiative, 14 Canadian communities will continue to receive funding to foster the integration of French-speaking newcomers. The initiative’s expansion will enable the Government of Canada to select up to 10 additional communities that will, in turn, be able to create environments that support the economic and socio-cultural integration of French-speaking newcomers.


Francophone Immigration Support Program

The new Francophone Immigration Support Program will fund innovative projects to eliminate barriers to Francophone immigration. This will make it easier for Francophone minority communities to participate in international promotion initiatives and support and recruit French-speaking candidates. 

The Action Plan for Official Languages 2023-2028

These initiatives are supported by an investment of over $137 million announced as part of the Government of Canada’s Action Plan for Official Languages 2023-2028. The implementation of all the measures in the action plan demonstrates the federal government’s firm commitment to the vitality of Francophone minority communities.

The Minister also highlighted that the target of 4.4.% French-speaking resident admissions outside Quebec was surpassed in December 2023, reaching approximately 4.7% from January to December 2023, according to the currently available statistical data. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be able to confirm the complete 2023 statistics by February 2024. Last November, IRCC announced ambitious, realistic and achievable targets for the next three years. The targets for Francophone immigrant admissions outside Quebec are 6% in 2024, 7% in 2025 and 8% in 2026.

These measures will facilitate the strengthening, long-term growth and vitality of Francophone minority communities outside Quebec. The Government of Canada will continue to work with the provinces and territories, as well as key stakeholders, to strengthen these communities.


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