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An EU funded project for those fleeing the war in Ukraine sets new standards for humanitarian reception


A network of volunteers, various organisations and the municipality of Cascais have rehabilitated two buildings for the accommodation of displaced people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The project is co-funded by the EU with EUR 900,000, which cover 75% of its cost.  

Since March 2022, more than 470 persons have been accommodated in these facilities. In total, the municipality now has 288 accommodation places to offer.  The project also includes the provision of 100€/month per family, a city card with credits for basic non-food items, a transport card, medical and psychological checks, and enrolment in Portuguese language classes. 

After Lisbon, which has received over 12,000 people, this is the second largest humanitarian reception project in Portugal for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Ran on the ground by a technical team of 5 people, it presently hosts 44 families – 98 persons in total. The reception facility includes houses as well as rooms for families and single persons, a large communal kitchen, a recreation area for children and a small worship place.  

The local authorities aim to fully integrate those fleeing the war in Ukraine with housing, social care, and financial autonomy. The municipality of Cascais has received approximatively 3,500 Ukrainians, making it the second largest host of Ukrainian refugees in Portugal, after Lisbon.  





Link:, dated November 30, 2023 2:25 pm

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