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B.T.M. v. Suisse

Title B.T.M. v. Suisse
Publisher UN Committee Against Torture (CAT)
Publication Date 11 November 2022
Country Switzerland
Topics Convention against Torture (CAT) | Non-refoulement
Citation / Document Symbol CAT/C/75/D/972/2019
Cite as B.T.M. v. Suisse, CAT/C/75/D/972/2019, UN Committee Against Torture (CAT), 11 November 2022, available at:,CAT,639b1ec54.html [accessed 14 March 2023]
Comments The Swiss authorities’ decision to return a Zimbabwean national to his country of origin violated Article 3 of the Convention against Torture. The right to an effective remedy contained in Article 3 requires an opportunity for an effective, independent and impartial review of the decision to expel or return when there is a plausible allegation that issues under Article 3 arise.

Link:, dated December 15, 2022 12:19 pm

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