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How to immigrate to Prince Edward Island?

Business Impact Category (Also known as Work Permit Stream)

This program is for foreign national investors and entrepreneurs who have extensive business ownership or business management experience and want to start their own business in the province and eventually get permanent residence.

How to apply?

Create a profile on the PEI Expression of Interest system and if found eligible, you will be invited to submit a full application for expression of Interest. Application forms and supporting documentation could be submitted to the PEI office of immigration both in person and by mail/courier. Once your expression of interest is accepted, you will receive a letter of support for a work permit. You then need to apply to IRCC for a temporary work permit so you can move to PEI and start your business. After you fulfilled the requirements of the business performance agreement with the PEI, you will receive a nomination certificate. You will then need to apply to IRCC for permanent residence.


Point SystemEOI points grid system which has a maximum of 200 points that include points for age (30 points), Language (50 points), Education (20 points), Business ownership/senior management experience (50 points), Community endorsement (15 points), Adaptability (35 points). Total Points 200.
Pass scoreThe highest point holders will be nominated.
LanguageMinimum CLB/NCLC 4 in English or French.
ExperienceTransferable skills in management, past employment and/or business ownership experience.
EducationMinimum of high school with ECA.
OthersNet worth: must have a Networth of $600,000 accumulated legally. Age: between 21 and 59 years of age.



(Accessed in Sep 2021).

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