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Canadian federal and provincial job websites

Though many federal and a few provincial immigration programs do not require job offers, an absolute majority of Canadian immigration programs require job offers, therefore, it is imperative to actively look for qualified job offers in Canada to successfully immigrate to Canada. Even if you have landed in Canada, the following websites will help you with better job hunting.

Official Canada-Wide Jobs:


Official Job Websites by Province:

  1. Alberta:
  2. British Columbia:
  3. Manitoba:
  4. New Brunswick:
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador:
  6. Northwest Territories:
  7. Nova Scotia:
  8. Ontario:  
  9. Prince Edward Island:
  10. Quebec:
  11. Saskatchewan:
  12. Yukon:

Private Job Websites:

  1. Indeed Canada:
  2. Monster Canada:
  3. Wow Jobs:
  4. Workopolis:
  5. Glass Door:
  6. career Builder:
  7. Eluta:
  8. Talent Egg:
  9. Search Google for your specific jobs: 
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