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Commission calls for stronger Schengen cooperation


Today, the European Commission adopted a recommendation for increased cooperation between Member States in the Schengen area. It is accompanied by a report on the consultations carried out between May and November 2023 by the Schengen Coordinator with Member States, in relation to long-lasting internal border controls.  

The Schengen area allows more than 425 million EU citizens, along with non-EU nationals living or visiting the EU, to move freely without border checks. Emphasising the importance of the Schengen agreement, the Commission aims to reduce extended border checks by suggesting new measures. As stated in the 2023 State of Schengen report, there is a need to increase cooperation to ensure security, while phasing out long lasting border controls.  

The recommendation promotes the alternative measures to internal border controls as well as increased cooperation and information exchange across eight areas:  

  • Structured cooperation at all levels 

  • Reinforcing capacity for joint measures 

  • Law enforcement cooperation 

  • Stepping up joint actions to fight migrant smuggling 

  • Full use of tools in the area of returns to address unauthorised movements 

  • Addressing unauthorised movements 

  • Strengthening joint actions to fight transnational terrorism and organised crime 

  • Measures to mitigate the introduction of internal border controls 

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