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Commission launched the new EU Knowledge Hub on Prevention of Radicalisation

On 17 June, the Commission launched a new initiative in the field of prevention of radicalisation – the EU Knowledge Hub. The Knowledge Hub, building on the successes of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) will support all stakeholders involved in prevention of radicalisation, including policymakers, practitioners, and researchers. It will be a collaborative platform with new formats that will help these stakeholders to work together at the EU level.  

The conference was opened by from Commissioner Ylva Johansson and Annelies Verlinden, Belgian Minister of the Interior, Institutional Reform and Democratic Renewal. Participants focused to understand how the activities of the EU Knowledge Hub can support Member States and third countries to prevent radicalisation.  

Participants emphasised the crucial role the Knowledge Hub will play at the EU level, providing a platform for stakeholders to exchange insights, offer foresight support, and adapt to emerging issues.   

Other topics discussed: 

  • lone actors dealing with mental health issues and the necessity of cooperation through a multi-stakeholder approach; 
  • impact of geopolitical conflicts, such as Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the ongoing situation in the Middle East, on European societies; 
  • radicalisation of minors and how extremist groups exploit this vulnerable group, stressing the critical role of families and schools in engaging with youth to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion. 

Radicalisation is a complex process in which an individual or a group adopts a radical ideology or belief and uses or condones violence to achieve political or ideological objectives. The Hub will move beyond awareness raising. It aims to enable policymakers, practitioners, and researchers to collaborate in a new way at the EU level to address the challenges posed by radicalisation.  

The Knowledge Hub activities will include:  

the organisation of “thematic panels” to allow prevention experts to work together on priority topics; 


‘Project-based collaborations’ led by Member States;  

  • workshops;  
  • study visits;  
  • tailored support services; 
  • trainings;  
  • mentoring and job shadowing;  
  • research;  
  • foresight analysis.  

The creation of the EU Knowledge Hub on Prevention of Radicalisation is outlined in the EU Counter-Terrorism Agenda 2020. The Hub will also support the implementation of the Terrorist Content Online Regulation applicable as of June 2022, as well as the work of the EU Internet Forum.  

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