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Commission proposes an EU Talent Pool to help address labour shortages across Europe


Today, the European Commission presented a series of initiatives to make the EU more attractive to talent from third countries and help address critical labour shortages. The Skills and Talent Mobility package includes the creation of an EU Talent Pool, which will match employers in the EU with jobseekers from non-EU countries, as well as measures simplifying qualifications’ recognition procedures to promote student and labour market mobility.  

In 2022, there were 4.5 million non-EU nationals working in the EU. As skill shortages persist in a range of sectors across Europe, non-EU nationals can help address labour shortages. The EU will need to attract and retain the talent it requires in a time of global race for skilled labour.  

The EU Talent Pool will: 

  • Help recruit jobseekers from non-EU countries in EU-wide shortage occupations; 

  • Accelerate and simplify international recruitment procedures; 

  • Give employers access to a wider pool of skills and talent; 

  • Provide information on recruitment and legal migration procedures; 

  • Ensure fair recruitment and working conditions. 

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Commission proposes new measures on skills and talent to help address critical labour shortages 


Proposal for Regulation on the establishment of an EU Talent Pool 

Proposal for a Council Recommendation on learning mobility framework  


Link:, dated November 15, 2023 5:14 pm

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