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Commission provides over €65 million for EU countries to support people fleeing the war in Ukraine 


The European Commission has decided last week to make available over €65 million from the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) to support Bulgaria, Czechia, Poland, and Romania in hosting people fleeing the war in Ukraine. This decision follows a call for financing projects that aim to help these countries increase their reception capacity and provide the necessary support and services to people who are granted temporary protection in the EU.  

The EU is currently hosting over 4.1 million people benefiting from temporary protection. This scheme, which was launched for the first time shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was further extended in September this year until March 2025.  

Bulgaria, Czechia, Poland, and Romania can now use this additional funding from the EU budget to help people move out of collective accommodation into private housing, by supporting them financially during the transition period. Moreover, this funding foresee language and vocational training, as well access to social and health services. EU national authorities, civil society and international organisations can already start implementing their projects as of today. 

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