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Commission reports on the effective implementation of the Terrorist Content Online Regulation

On 14 February, the Commission adopted a report on the implementation of the Regulation to address the dissemination of terrorist content online. The report assesses the application of the Regulation by Member States and online platforms, and its impact on countering the spread of terrorist content online.  

The Regulation applies as of 7 June 2022 and allows to remove terrorist content in the EU within one hour after an order is issued by Member States’ authorities. This applies for online platforms offering services in the EU, to ensure the safety and security of citizens.  

Commission reports that the Regulation has been effective in preventing the spread of terrorist content online. So far, 23 Member States have appointed competent authorities to issue removal orders and approximately 350 removal orders have been issued since June 2022.   

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Link:, dated February 14, 2024 2:15 pm

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