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EU Anti-Trafficking Day


For the EU Anti-Trafficking Day, on this 18 of October, the European Commission is launching an awareness raising campaign to help put an end to the trafficking in human beings.  

The EU-wide End human trafficking. Break the invisible chain campaign aims to inform citizens on the reality of this crime and invites them to join the fight against trafficking in human beings. 

Did you know that, on average, 7,000 victims of human trafficking are registered in the EU every year, while many more remain undetected? More than 50% are EU citizens, who fall victims to different forms of trafficking, such as sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and forced begging. Almost every fourth victim of trafficking in the EU is a child. 

Prevention is key to combating trafficking in human beings   

Trafficking in human beings is a crime that should have no place in our societies. It is often a highly violent offence committed by organised crime networks that destroys peoples’ lives. 

By raising awareness, we can make sure that more people will not be trapped by traffickers, and that trafficking victims themselves will become visible and get the support they need. 


Become a part of the campaign 

Follow the campaign webpage and discover the campaign materials, which are all free to use and can be shared from the ‘resources’ section of the page. You can also find out more on what the EU is doing to fight human trafficking.

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