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EU network against corruption: workshop on asset declaration systems

At the end of June, a workshop took place in Brussels to exchange insights on the functioning and challenges of asset declaration systems in EU countries. This was the first thematic workshop organised as part of the EU network against corruption, established by the European Commission in 2023. Anti-corruption experts from EU countries gathered with civil society, international organisations, and academics to share good practices and guidance in the field. 

The obligation of public officials to declare their assets and interests helps to detect illicit enrichment and prevent conflicts of interests. This makes it an important tool to prevent corruption. Almost all EU countries have in place a system that sets out what needs to be declared by whom, and how this data is published and verified.  

One of the main topics discussed were the different systems of asset declaration. The Commission presented findings from its data collection exercise carried out under the 2024 Justice Scoreboard. These were complemented by civil society reports on the functioning and effectiveness of the European Parliament’s asset declaration system.

Participants also focused on the challenges presented by the verification of assets, in particular those held abroad. Competent authorities face difficulties in accessing and exchanging data held outside their immediate remit. To address shortcomings, they explored the potential for links with the anti-money laundering framework and the role of Financial Intelligence Units, as well as possible international cooperation in detecting irregularities in asset declarations across borders.

Photo of the workshop showing participants following  presentation. On the screen we see a table showing: Risk-based verification, thorough verification, light verification, and compliance verification.

A dedicated panel investigated how technologies can enhance the submission and verification of asset declarations, including trends in the use of IT tools for this purpose, AI solutions and machine learning applications. These technological solutions can lead to a more optimal allocation of resources and faster processing of asset declarations. 

Moreover, discussions focused on measuring the success and performance of asset declaration systems. The European Commission emphasised that it has funds available, such as the Internal Security Fund and the Technical Support Instrument, to help authorities develop and implement tools for asset declaration systems or other projects in the area of anti-corruption. 

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