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How to immigrate to Saskatchewan?

Hospitality Sector Project

This stream is for those who have worked in the hospitality sector with an approved employer for at least 6 months in the province, are currently working and hold a valid work permit.

How to apply?

Your employer needs to complete the SINP-500-40 Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Settlement Plan, employment contract, and a job offer and send them to the SINP office before you start the profile creation process. Once that is sent and approved, then you can create a profile on the SINP Online portal, complete all sections and upload your documents. Your application will be assessed, and if approved, you will receive a SINP nomination approval letter, work permit support letter, and information on how to apply for PR to IRCC- Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia.


LanguageCLB/NCLC 4 or higher
Experience6 months (or 780 hours) of work experience with a SINP Hospitality-approved employer in the following jobs: NOC 6513 (Food/Beverage Server), NOC 6711 (Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper), NOC 6731 (Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff). Still have a valid work permit.
Job OfferMust have a valid permanent job, full-time job from an approved SINP participating employer.
EducationHigh school education or ECA.
Settlement FundsYour employer must complete the SINP-500-4 Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Settlement Plan.
OthersEligible Employers: the employer must be approved by the SINP to take part in this program.



(Accessed in Sep 2021).

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