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Lockbox Filing Location Updates Webpage Expanded to Include Service Center Filing Location Updates

USCIS has updated the Lockbox Filing Location Updates page on our website to now include service center filing location updates as well: Lockbox and Service Center Filing Location Updates. You can now keep track of filing location changes between the lockboxes or service centers on this page.

We sometimes change or adjust filing locations among our service centers or lockbox facilities to balance our incoming workload for timely processing. We may also refine filing addresses to improve internal processes at our service centers or lockbox facilities. Please note that the new filing location may not be where your case is adjudicated.

In the past, we issued a web alert when updating filing locations within the service centers. Moving forward, the Lockbox and Service Center Filing Location Updates page will list all of the filing location updates that we make, including both lockboxes and service centers, as well as any additional information that you should know about the filing location update.

In order to receive updates on these filing location changes, subscribe to the “Lockbox and Service Center Filing Location Updates” GovDelivery distribution list to receive an email each time we update a filing location.

You may also visit our USCIS Contact Center page for help from a USCIS representative. The USCIS Contact Center provides information in English and Spanish. For TTY (for the deaf, hard of hearing, or those having a speech disability), call 800-767-1833.

For the most current information on where to file, please see the “Where to File” section on the webpage for your form. You may also consult our Filing Guidance, Lockbox Filing Locations Chart For Certain Employment-Based Forms, and Lockbox Filing Locations Chart for Certain Family-Based Forms.


Applications, petitions, or requests that are not mailed to the appropriate filing location may experience processing delays or may be rejected as improperly filed and returned to you to re-file.

Link:, dated June 6, 2023 4:36 pm

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