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Meet Foundation Ukraine, an NGO supporting migrant and refugee integration in Poland

Following the invasion of Ukraine two years ago, the Foundation Ukraine organisation started implementing a new project to support the Polish authorities with the reception and integration of Ukrainian citizens and other non-EU nationals living in Lower Silesia. With EUR 1.3 million in EU funding, the project focuses on assisting people with the legalisation of their residence and employment. It also provides information and counselling on education for youth and adults. Moreover, the project proposes support for intercultural education in schools, language courses and clubs.              

With more than ten years of experience on the field, Foundation Ukraine is a non-governmental organisation providing support to migrants and refugees in Lower Silesia, Poland. Every day, its staff create spaces for education, development, social and cultural integration, providing migrants and refugees with support, knowledge, and opportunities, to help them find their place in Polish society. 

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Link:, dated February 29, 2024 4:58 pm

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