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OISC adds further features to online portal.

We have updated access to both Adviser Finder and the Adviser Register through our portal, which was launched in early August.

By using your postcode or location, our Adviser Finder is a useful tool to help you find advisers based nearest to you, or who work nationwide.

We have added a map view to the finder, using Google Maps, so you can more easily see where your nearest advisers are. You can also use the drop down menus to search by the type of advice you need such as immigration advice or asylum and protection advice, and what level advice is offered, and whether the organisation is fee charging (commercial) or not.

The Adviser Register is the mandatory register of every adviser registered by the OISC. The register is not alphabetical, so we suggest if you are looking for a specific entry, to use the search function, pressing Ctrl and F on your keyboard.

As the URLs (web addresses) have been changed, you will need to update any bookmarks/favourites you have saved to the new Adviser Finder and Adviser Register.

Watch  our video on how using the Adviser Finder can help you, or people you may know who are looking for immigration advice.


Link:, dated October 31, 2023 9:55 am

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