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OISC launches online portal

We are excited to be launching our new customer-facing online portal, which will make it much easier for you to submit complaints and concerns about immigration advice or contact the OISC about a range of topics.

To submit a complaint or enquiry, you simply go to the portal, and use the enquiry or complaint button, or use the bar at the top of the portal home page to make your choice.

Once you have chosen, the portal will take you through a simple process, including helping you understand how we will deal with your complaint, make it easy for you to ask questions, check adviser details, make changes to your details if you are an adviser, and to report any concerns about anyone giving unregulated immigration advice.

Once you have submitted, you will be issued an individual case number, linked to the complaint or enquiry.

The portal also holds an electronic knowledge base, which explains how we will deal with any complaint, what permission/consent we need, and can provide further information relevant to your concern or question. The knowledge base is automatic and responsive and will increase as we receive queries and concerns from you.

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding more features to the portal, to make it a truly one stop-shop for you.


OISC online portal

Link:, dated August 4, 2023 2:31 pm

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