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Canada’s immigration system is based on three pillars, each pillar includes multiple classes, and each class includes multiple programs.

The following is a list of all the pillars, classes and programs of the Canadian immigration system:

1.         Temporary Residence:

1.1.      Visitors class:

1.1.1.   Multiple Entry Visa

1.1.2.   Single Entry Visa


1.1.3.   Transit Visa

1.1.4.   eTA

1.1.5.   No Visa

1.1.6.   Super Visa

1.2.      Students class

1.2.1.   Study Permit


1.2.2.   No Permit

1.2.3.   Post Graduate Work Permit

1.3.      Workers class

1.3.1.   Temporary Foreign Worker Programs (TFWP)

1.3.2.   International Mobility Program (IMP)

1.3.3.   Francophone Mobility


1.3.4.   Global Skills Strategy (GSS)

1.4.      Temporary Resident Permit Class          

1.4.1.   TRP for Entry to Canada

1.4.2.   TRP for Remaining in Canada

1.5.      Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence Pathways

2.         Permanent Residence


2.1.      Economic Class:

2.1.1.   Federal Skilled Workers Program

2.1.2.   Federal Skilled Trades Program

2.1.3.   Canadian Experience Class

2.1.4.   Provincial Nominee Programs (11 PNPs)

2.1.5.   Federal Business Immigration

Advertisement Start-up Business/Visa Self-Employed Persons Class

2.1.6.   Pilot Programs Agri-food pilot Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

2.1.7.   PR Pathways for Hong Kong Residents


2.1.8.   Atlantic Immigration Program

2.1.9.   Quebec Immigration

2.1.10. Caregivers Home Child Care Provider Pilot Home Support Worker Pilot

2.2.      Family Class (Sponsorships)


2.2.1.   Spouse/partner/dependents

2.2.2.   Parents/grandparents

2.2.3.   Adopted child

2.2.4.   Orphaned siblings/nephews/nieces/grandchild

2.2.5.   Other relatives

2.3.      Refugee and H&C Class


2.3.1.   Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot

2.3.2.   H&C considerations outside Canada

2.3.3.   H&C considerations inside Canada

2.3.4.   Convention Refugees

2.3.5.   Persons in need of protection

2.3.6.   Positive PRRA decision


2.3.7.   Resettle as a refugee abroad class

2.3.8.   Resettle as a country of asylum class

3.         Citizenship

3.1.      Citizenship by naturalization

3.2.      Citizenship by birth

3.3.      Citizenship by blood line


3.4.      Citizenship by adoption

We will briefly examine each category’s statistics and its internal classes in the following topics. Details of each category will be provided under separate titles.

You can also download a high-definition version of the Canadian Immigration System diagram from the following link:

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