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How to immigrate to Quebec?

Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)

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To be eligible under this program you must be a trained and skilled professional and willing to work in Québec and integrate into the Québec society. You can apply from inside Québec or abroad.

 How to apply?

Assess your qualification based on the self-assessment tool. You can also self-assess on the Regular Skilled Worker Program Selection Grid in which you have to earn 50 points if you are single or 59 points if you are married, to pass.  If you were eligible then create an account on the Arrima platform which is an expression of interest (EOI) system for skilled workers who want to settle in the province of Québec. Similar to the IRCC Express Entry system, Arrima is also based on points. You will be placed in the EOI pool (or bank) until you are invited to apply for permanent residence based on your potential for integration and meeting the needs of the province of Québec.

  • (Grille de sélection du Programme régulier des travailleurs). Factors include training (12 points), experience (8 points), Age (16 points), Language for both French and English (22 points), Stay and Family in Québec (17 points), Characteristics of the Accompanying Spouse or de-facto Spouse (17 points), Validated job offer (14 points), children (8 points), Financial self-sufficiency (1). Total maximum points 103/120.
  • Arrima (EOI) pool includes Human Capital Factor (580 points), Response to Québec’s needs (720 points), and training of the spouse (20 points).


Point SystemRegular Skilled Worker Program Selection Grid (Grille de sélection du Programme régulier des travailleurs). Arrima (EOI) pool.
Pass scoreThe cutoff score for employability (43 or 52), Passing score at preliminary selection test (with spouse 50, without spouse 59) in the preliminary selection test.
LanguageFrench language NCLC 5 or above.
ExperienceHave at least 6 months’ work experience in Québec.
Job OfferMust have a valid job offer.
EducationEarned a degree in Québec.
OthersAge: Must be 18 or older. Intent: must want to live and work in Québec.

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