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Security research for policy community CERIS shares its news

Catering to the specific interest in Security Research news, the DG HOME Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS) launches a newsletter on its activities.

Topics they work on include future threats to security, and new tools for police and border guards to address these. The use of artificial intelligence to fight crime and terrorism for law enforcement.

HOME-led research, for example, also aims to make our society more resilient to extreme weather events due to climate change.

And another example, DG HOME-led research can also help in drafting or implementation of EU home affairs policies.

CERIS is a platform managed by DG HOME that brings together close to 2.000 policy makers, security practitioners, researchers as well as representatives from universities, civil society and industry from all over Europe. CERIS provides a knowledge-based forum to discuss and develop innovative solutions in the field of crime and terrorism, infrastructure protection, border management and disaster resilience. CERIS also looks at how to bridge the gap between security research and the market, making sure that innovation reaches the end-user on the ground.

CERIS regularly organises workshops on a wide range of topics, supporting the design and implementation of EU security policy and bring knowledge from research to policy makers, including DG HOME colleagues. CERIS workshops also promote the testing and uptake of innovative solutions by police officers, border guards and customs officials. Recent focus areas include artificial intelligence, bioterrorism, the fight against child sexual abuse and Europol’s new role in security research.


To know more about the results of past CERIS events or to attend an upcoming event, including one on disinformation and fake news in May, have a look at the first edition of the CERIS newsletter, visit the website and sign up to the CERIS mailing list.



Link:, dated April 4, 2023 1:00 pm

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