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How to immigrate to British Columbia?

Skills Immigration (SI) – Entry Level and Semi-skilled (ELSS) Worker (including employment in the Northeast Development Region of B.C.)

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This program is for you if you are currently working in BC in an eligible entry-level and semi-skilled valid sector such as tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, or food processing occupations (ELSS-eligible occupations), OR, if you are working in any entry-level or semi-skilled occupations in NOC C or D (other than live-in caregiver) in the Northeast Development Region of BC.

How to apply?

Create an online profile with BCPNP Online and register with the SIRS where you will be assessed and receive scores. Periodically, BC will invite candidates with the highest scores to apply through the same BCPNP Online system. BCPNP then nominates successful applicants to apply for permanent residence to IRCC.


Provincial Point SystemSIRS (Skills Immigration Registration System)- BCPNP Online. 
Pass scoreThe highest score holders are selected.
LanguageSubmit valid test results showing a minimum of CLB 4 in English.
ExperienceMust have worked full-time for your current employer in the ELSS-eligible occupations for at least 9 consecutive months before applying. Employment in the Northeast Development Region of B.C: If you are currently working in the Northeast Development Region, you do not need to work in any specific occupation as long as you are working in Skill level C or D occupations (not including live-in caregivers). You can also apply from this region for other provincial programs such as the skilled workers category if you are eligible for them.
Job OfferMust have a full-time permanent job offer in specific occupations in tourism/hospitality, long-haul trucking, or food processing occupations. However, in the northeast development region of BC, you can apply under any NOC skill level C or D without any specific occupation restrictions.
Wage StandardMarket rate.
EducationMinimum of high school education or certification required for the job.
Settlement FundsMeet minimum income requirements for your chosen area of residence. BC has a minimum family threshold table for the entire BC.

LINKS AND RESOURCES: (Accessed in Sep 2021).

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