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How to immigrate to British Columbia?

Skills Immigration (SI) – Healthcare professional


This program is intended for healthcare professionals such as physicians, registered nurses, psychiatric nurses, midwives, and other allied health care workers (such as physiotherapists, etc.) that are employed by provincial health authorities.

How to apply?

Create an online profile with BCPNP Online and proceed directly to the application via BCPNP Online.


LanguageValid language test results are not required for NOC skill type 0 or skill level A, however, if you want to claim points for your language proficiency, you will need to have valid language test results at the time of registration. For NOC skill level B, the applicant must have valid language test results of CLB 4 at the minimum at the time of registration.
ExperienceAt least 2 years full-time job offer related work experience.
Job OfferA permanent and full-time job offer is required from a public health authority. However, for midwives only, a letter of practice confirmation as an affiliated midwife for at least 6 months from an established practice group in BC is also sufficient. Midwife occupation workers must be registered with the college of midwives of British Columbia to be eligible.
Wage StandardMarket rate.
Current ResidentYou can apply from both inside and outside of Canada.
Settlement FundsMeet minimum income requirement for your chosen area of residence. BC has a minimum family threshold table for the entire BC.

LINKS AND RESOURCES: (Accessed in Sep 2021).

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