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Statement by Minister Fraser on Canada Day

July 1, 2023 – Toronto, ON — The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, issued the following statement today:

“Canada is the greatest country in the world. On this 156th anniversary of Confederation, I want to wish all Canadians a very happy Canada Day and recognize that Indigenous peoples have called this land home since time immemorial. I also wish to extend a warm welcome to all those celebrating their first Canada Day as new Canadians. The wonderful celebrations taking place across the country today are enriched by the participation of new citizens like you.

“Today, at ceremonies across the country, we anticipate welcoming over 1,000 people to become new citizens. I also have the honour, among thousands of people today, to welcome 9 new Canadians from 9 different countries at a Toronto Blue Jays game. It is an incredible opportunity to share this significant and emotional milestone in a massive forum among so many people. It is moments like these that make me proud to be Canadian.

“The number of citizens celebrating Canada Day continues to rise every year. Canada is proud to have exceeded its citizenship goals in 2022, with nearly 364,000 new Canadian citizens. 

“Newcomers play an essential role in filling labour shortages, bringing new perspectives and talents to our communities, and enriching our society. More than ever, they are helping build a more diverse, inclusive and prosperous Canada. I look forward to another historic year.

“We should all be proud to call this country home—I know I am. We are a country where people can dream big and achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. I encourage everyone to celebrate today with your friends, family and fellow Canadians. 


“Happy Canada Day!”

Link:, dated July 1, 2023 12:50 pm

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