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How to immigrate to New Brunswick?

Strategic Initiative stream

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This program is for French-speaking skilled workers to live and work in NB permanently. Sometimes the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) will directly issue a notification or a letter of interest (LOI) to your IRCC express entry profile and ask you to register in INB and submit an expression of interest.

How to apply?

It is an eight-step process; 1) Establish an eligible connect to INB, 2) Meet all program requirements (PR Readiness), 3) register online in INB and submit an EOI, 4) receive an invitation to apply (ITA) and submit your application, 5) Forms and Documents review, interviews and other assessments by Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor – (PETL), 6) Receive a nomination decision from PETL, 7) submit your application for a PR visa to IRCC, 8) IRCC will issue you a PR visa if the application was approved.  


Point SystemIRCC Express Entry Profile.
Provincial Point SystemExpression of Interest (EOI)
Pass scoreMust get 65 out of 100 total points during the self-assessment process.
LanguageThis is exclusive to Francophone; therefore, you must have at least NCLC 5 in French.
ExperienceMust have 1 year (1,560 hours) of continuous, paid experience in NOC type 0 or skills level A, B, C, or D.
Job OfferA job offer is not a requirement, but if you could secure a job offer, it should be a permanent, full-time, non-seasonal job offer in NOC skill type/level 0, A, B, C or D.
EducationMust have a minimum of a Canadian High school diploma or an equivalent ECA.
Settlement FundsMust have $12,669 or more, as per the federal government settlement fund requirement, which is adjusted annually. If you have a job offer, you are not required to provide proof of settlement funds.
OthersAge: Must be between 19 to 55 years old. Qualifying/eligible connection: You must have either of the following three connections to NB: make an exploratory visit, OR, have a job or a job offer in NB, OR have a direct investment from the province of NB. Settlement plan: All applicants must submit a settlement plan (which differs from a settlement fund and exploratory visit plan).



(Accessed in Sep 2021)

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