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Understanding the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum

The recently adopted Pact on Migration and Asylum is a set of new rules managing migration and establishing a common asylum system at EU level, designed to manage and normalise migration for the long term. The new migration and asylum rules revolve around four policy pillars: secure external borders, fast and efficient procedures, an effective system of solidarity and responsibility, and embedding migration in international partnerships.  

With its nine legislative files and well over 1,000 pages, the Pact may be difficult to decipher. The Pact legislative files in a nutshell and questions and answers pages provide an overview by legislation and by topic. 

The legislative files of the Pact are explained in detail, providing insight on what each piece of legislation introduces, how it will change the current situation, and how it will benefit EU Member States and asylum seekers. In the questions and answers page, visitors can either browse through more general questions on legislation, the innovations introduced by the Pact, on implementation, and the challenges addressed by the new migration rules, or more specific questions on the four policy pillars, delving into more detail.

Legislative files in a nutshell

Pact legislative files in a nutshell

Pact QAs

Pact questions and answers

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