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Which provinces accept immigrants?

All provinces and territories of Canada have immigration programs that accept permanent residents, except Nunavut. Though Nunavut does not have immigration programs to accept permanent residents from outside Canada, you can still move into Nunavut as a permanent or temporary resident from other provinces and territories.

Data from 2019 shows that 44.96% of all new permanent residents landed in Ontario which makes it the most popular province in all of Canada.

The second most popular province is British Columbia where 14.72% of immigrants landed in 2019.

The third popular province is Alberta, where 12.81% of first-time immigrants landed.

The fourth most popular province is Quebec, where 11.89% of immigrants landed in 2019.

The table available on the following link also shows details of each immigration class, so you can further analyze which group of immigrants landed in which province.


For a high-definition photo, please go to the following link:

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