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European Migration Conference on the implementation of the Pact on Migration and Asylum

The European Migration Conference, which was convened by the European Migration Forum, took place in Brussels on 25 June 2024 and brought together international and European key actors, such as the IOM, the UNHCR, and representatives of national authorities, to discuss the implementation of the Pact on Migration and Asylum.  

All speakers recalled that the Pact preserves the right to seek asylum, underlining its importance as a watershed moment for the creation of a common European approach to manage migration. Panellists also pointed out that it will take perseverance, vigilance, and a lot of work to translate the new rules on migration into practice over the next years.   

The Pact was formally adopted over a month ago, marking a significant step forward for the EU, and must become fully operational by June 2026. To achieve this goal, the implementation plan of 12 June 2024 serves as a roadmap, providing a detailed operational programme and a comprehensive to-do list for all stakeholders.  

EU countries are set to unveil their respective national implementation plans by December. The Commission stands ready to assist financially and operationally, through its Agencies, ensuring the smooth implementation of the Pact. 

The implementation will not start from scratch: 14 EU countries have already initiated border asylum procedures, while another 19 have issued negative asylum decisions jointly with return rulings, as foreseen by the Pact. This marks the initial step in the extensive journey ahead. A journey that will be brought to its conclusion by the new Commission.  

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